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28/05/2012: Philippines

Early this year we gathered in Manila (both Real and Manila communities). We shared our experiences; we heard especially about Piar’s almost one year experience in Jerusalem . We talked also about the results of our meeting in Australia on reconfiguration, because Piar was not there during that time. In some ways It is quite different now for all of us, because we are separated from Australia. However, our relationship will still be the same,as we are still connected to each other in so many ways.

After sharing our experiences and the results of our meeting on reconfiguration we took different tasks. Beth, Piar and I are assigned to local vocations. We met together, had brain storming and planned for some future activities We also agreed to make new posters, brochures, leaflets, and calling cards so that we can use them for visiting different colleges, parishes and activities. This will help us to connect and bring our message to the young. But I also believe that Fr. Theodore is always here guiding and praying for all of us. This reminds me of what he said - that vocation is always a gift from God. So what we need is to always trust in God’s blessings. This year, a young lady (Joey) decided to journey with us. So we are so happy welcoming Joey into our community and in the congregation. We are hoping and praying for more vocations in our congregation all over the world.