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20 enero en Australia (en inglÚs)

02/02/2011: Australia

“20th January is a light, and in this light there is another light: - Mary-Sion-Jerusalem. ” Alphonse.


An invitation by Patricia to celebrate the 20th with prayer and afternoon tea at her home was accepted by the sisters.  Over time we have celebrate this special feast with friends for this occasion it was only ourselves.


The theme for the prayer was Mary’s silence and the reading with shared reflection on the four times Mary is recorded as speaking in the gospels.


The Spanish song ‘Canto a la Virgin’ was sung as a sign of unity with all our Sisters throughout the world.


This reflection was followed by a beautifully prepared afternoon tea.  Among the cups of tea/coffee, stories were told which united us all with both past and present sisters.


Sion, NDS The beautiful greetings from the GLT and the provinces were shared, which further led to many memories and hope for the congregation.


We finally went our separate ways with renewed energy and thoughts.