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1a Asamblea Congregacional

06/11/2013: Romania | Photo gallery

We are very happy to share with the first Congregational Assembly when 23 sisters came together in Romania to reflect and share on their communities’ experience of reconfiguration and the life of the congregation.    During the two-week meeting we started and finished each day in our prayer circle, bringing together all that had happened during the day and allowing the Spirit to open our minds and hearts to new possibilities. The process was one of planting seeds, watering them and experiencing the unfolding and flowering of the blossoms.

The Assembly represents another step along the road from the 2010 General Chapter. It was a moment of deepening our understanding and commitment to our unity in the Congregation of Notre Dame de Sion.  

With our love and asking God’s blessings on our future,

Oonah Clare  Ivete and Marge