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Participantes del Capítulo hacen una reflexión

30/06/2016: Brazil

In the morning of June 30th, right after the initial prayer prepared by the sisters of Canada, an extensive reflection about the experience of the few first days of the 26th General Chapter of Our Lady of Sion took place.


The participants sat around in a wide circle, where they were called to share their thoughts on a picture chosen among many others that were laid out on the floor. Then, they were asked to express their relationship with the perception coming from that image. The idea here was to reflect upon and share your thoughts on the present context of the Congregation and its future.


The participants made a self-evaluation, told their stories, shared their experience of personal and community life, and talked about their dreams and future desires for the Congregation. They also expressed joyful moments, frustrations, and what made them physically and mentally tired.


After this reflection, the sisters of Sion got together to study the current financial situation and future investments.