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The Spirit of prophecy - bilding up the community.

26/07/2010: General House - Rome



Morning Prayer:


Iuliana gave a reflection on the following topic: The Prophetic Dimension and the Witness of Community Life in Contemporary Society: Possibility or Utopia?!
One text she used was 1Corinthians 14:1-15 which shows how prophecy is for building up the community.




Reflections from one of the Chapter delegates




"I was inspired at the beginning of today with the challenging presentation of Iuliana.  In this talk she spoke of the role of prophet as poet: seeing extraordinary possibilities in the ordinary.   I felt this prophetic spirit active among us today as the document on reconfiguration began to take shape after sharing and listening to our different realities.  It gives me life to go on discovering "extraordinary possibilities" as we tackle other topics and discern how through these we can speak prophetically to our contemporary times."



                                                     Pat Fox

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