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”Come daughter of Sion, sing and dance for joy ....”

17/07/2010: General House - Rome | Photo gallery


 The General Chapter concluded the work yesterday afternoon with a ritual of passage.  We began by singing “Come daughter of Sion, sing and dance for joy…” then we called Maureen, Darlene, Helen and Marta to places of honor arranged around the Word, the Chapter candle, and flowers, at the center of our assembly. Brigitte Agnes briefly expressed the gratitude and blessing of the Congregation to Maureen and presented her with a rose. Anne Catherine followed with a word and rose for Darlene, then Brenda presenting her blessing and rose to Helen, and Iuliana to Marta. We then moved into a large “Blessings Cricle” in which each Chapter Delegate had the opportunity to embrace and thank or bless each of the members of this General Council, as we sang “Sion sing!” in our various languages. It was a joyful, grateful, hope-filled moment.