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Oración de bendición

11/07/2010: General House - Rome






 One week already.

Assembled in a united body we are ready to begin with clarity the crucial questions not without having a lengthy exchange on what is at the heart of our vocation - our relation withh the jewish people.







A Prayer of Blessing
for the Sisters of Sion


Lord of life and light
Of wisdon, of insight
Provider of all that is good
Bless your servants, the sisters of Sion.

Bless them more members, women of grace and grit,
Many in numbers, yes, from all the nations
To bring your healing to the afflicted and the excluded,
the good news of jubilee and liberation.

At every turn of their storied lives
You have been their inner compass
Providing guidance and fire in the heart
leading the way, often in untrodden paths.

Oh God of History and Creation,
As you have blessed Sarah and Ruth and Esther
And all the great women ancestors of your beloved Son
Bless these your servants, the sisters of Sion.

Bless them with years, more than many
A hundred, a thousand, may it be your will
Love them truly, now and forever.
w. t. dulay, mj
Jerusalem 2010