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Week two, Day One.

12/07/2010: General House - Rome



Morning Prayer:




Matthew 10: 38-42



Within the Chapter,

how are you personally

experiencing the invitation

of this Gospel passage?





Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates



After a refreshing Sunday, we began Day One of week two with an excellent process.  All were engaged in intensive listening and speaking to future directions.  The key questions developed quickly as we found ourselves reaching consensus.  We bid farewell to our 3 Associates and thanked them for their presence and participation.



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Today we began to refine the essential elements we need to address at our Chapter. Throughout  the course of the day I was amazed to find that  in our exchanges  we were not concentrating so much on the future  but on our  mission. Will we find  the words to say to our world that no one else can say? Such is the challenge of the Chapter.



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