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As Steadfast As the Olive Tree ...

23/07/2010: General House - Rome






 Morning Prayer:




Psalm 52: 8 – 9  ‘I am like a green olive tree in the house of God.


 I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever.




The olive tree symbolizes faithfulness and steadfastness.  No matter the conditions, the evergreen olive will live and produce fruit.  We are called to remain steadfast as the olive tree – ever green and bearing fruit.





                                    Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates



                  Today was a day to be reminded and challenged by the depth of what we live and struggle to express when we speak about how we are and want to be in and through our presence in Jerusalem. This is not because we do not know what Jerusalem is for us, nor its significance for all its peoples today and “all the nations” (Is 2: 1-5), nor how deeply its reality and God’s promise for it live inside each of us.  But it is precisely because it is so profound, so demanding, so deep and so strong – it is beyond words. 


We worked hard today, to speak a word from Jerusalem so that, like the olive tree, no matter the soil or circumstances, we will bear fruit.


                                                       Mary Babic



                 Our day began with a meditative reflection prepared by the Canadian Province. The focus of the prayer was the olive tree and was accompanied by a beautiful selection of slides. The olive tree can symbolize steadfastness and faithfulness. It will grow and produce fruit in hot, dry conditions, in cold and wet conditions as well as in rocky or sandy soil. Old, gnarled and damaged trees can and do give life to new shoots. The Scripture passages that were interspersed throughout the reflection were Isaiah 11:10-11; Romans 11:17 and Psalm 52:8-9. After some time of personal reflection we were invited to share our response in our group. I invite you to take time with these Scripture texts and listen to what God is saying to you and to us as a Congregation.    


                                                  Mary Barbuto

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