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Elizabeth (Beth) Burgo pronunció sur primeros votos

25/07/2011: Philippines

Elizabeth (Beth) Bur-go pronounced her first vows on Pentecost Sunday in the presence of the local communities of Kiloloron and Real. Beth a local woman has been a catechist for many years, so it was with great pride and love that the communities along with the Sion com-munities welcomed her as a Sister of Our Lady of Sion.

It was a joy to see the participation of many people and groups planning and then celebrating with Beth as she pronounced her first vows. Amongst those present were her parents, family members, Sisters of Sion, catechists staff from Hardin {a women's cooperative} Kumare {micro finance} and members of the youth groups.

The celebrant and parish priest Father Mario Establecida, who has also been a participant in the Biblical program at Ecce Homo, reminded the congregation during his homily of the Jewish origins of the feast of Pentecost.

At the conclusion of the ceremony many parish-ioners touched by the beauty of the liturgy gathered and embraced Beth and the sisters as an expression of their love, appreciation and unity.

It was a very joyful group that gathered in Kiloloron to continue the celebrations. The table was laden with food prepared by members of Hardin. After the meal in true Filipino style, an impromptu program of entertainment began bringing much laugh-ter as we enjoyed the singing and sharing with each other.

The spirit of the day was in tune with the feast of Pentecost, an outpouring of love, joy and peace.

All present experienced a sense of renewal and freedom. This was made more significant as June 12 marked the celebration of 130 years of the independence of the Philippines