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Ministries in Jerusalem

Ecce Homo, JerusalemEcce Homo

Ecce Homo convent is built over a sacred site held by Christian tradition to be the place where Jesus was scourged and condemned to death…. known as the Lithostrotos mentioned in John’s Gospel Chapter 19:13 The excavations show paving stones from the time of Hadrian with the games of the soldiers carved into the stones. Some of these ancient stones were moved here from the Antonio Fortress.  This sacred site is visited by thousands of pilgrims annually. (Read more)



It is assumed that this is where John the Baptist was born and where Mary visited Elizabeth: a place of birth, of gestation, of renewal, of preparation, a place of joy. Ever since Father Marie introduced Sion to Ein Kerem, generations of sisters have been faithful to the vocation of this village, and we are entering into this beautiful continuity. We are three communities of Sion living in this house... (Read more)


Programs in Biblical Formation and Study

Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, this program enables the participants to explore in a new and deeper way the critical and familiar question: “But you… who do you say that I am?” (Read more)

Center for Biblical Formation - Jerusalem

Bat Kol

Founded on 8 April 1983 by Prof. Sr. Maureena Fritz and Sr. Dr. Anne Anderson in Toronto, Canada, Bat Kol Institute became a registered non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, Israel in 1992. Today, the institute is an international association of Christian women and men who are committed to study the Word of God within its Jewish context and to incorporate these studies into their Christian self-understanding in a manner that respects the integrity of both traditions. Alumni have founded centres in the Philippines, South Africa, India, United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil and a number of other international venues. (Read more)


The Interfaith Coordinating Council of Israel

We have been active members of this council since its beginnings. This has brought a richness to our lives in the many friendships that have developed over the years as we work in solidarity with Jews, Muslims and Christians.


Ecumenical Groups

We participate in the groups and activities that happen here, in order to strengthen and come to understand the other Christian groups that share this Holy City.


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