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Project Hope 2013-2015

PROJECT HOPE: Water for the Congo

Summer 2015 - Mission to Congo - 12 July to 18 August
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PROJECT HOPE is an initiative of the Sisters of Sion to offer hope in areas of the world in pain and suffering.

The Democratic Republic of Congo(ex-Zaire) is a country of great lakes and a huge river, but the people are thirsty…

Every year, since 2007, Yvonne and Sr Victorine have been going for a month to teach the Bible in Kananga, a large town with a population of about a million people, in the  Democratic Republic of Congo.

Every time they go they are moved to see the children there carrying on their heads, over the dusty paths and under a burning sun, big containers, bowls, and buckets of 20 to 40 litres of water – sometimes for several miles.  Sr Darlene in 2010, and Sr Ivete in 2012, went with them into this region in the heart of the country, and each of them experienced the problems of the lack of water in this area where great rivers are flowing!

Where to get water, water to drink, to wash with, for cooking, for the laundry, and for the toilets … Finding water, buying water or trying to have some to re-sell, is a daily task for the women and children of all ages…the time they spend fetching water! 

Young and old go after the water, instead of, or before, going to school or to work.

The scarcity of water means not enough drinking water, with all the risk of the many infectious diseases in this very hot country.

PROJECT HOPE “Water for the Congo” aims to have a water distribution point near to people’s homes. We are proposing to install a water reservoir somewhere within the boundaries of a parish: the ground water is not far below the surface.  The first thing that can be done is to dig a well; then bring the water up into a reservoir, then be able to distribute it.

A solar pump will cost about 12.000 Euros.  Once installed, the parishioners will maintain the well themselves.

Please help the Sisters of Sion to achieve their aim

to raise this money by 2015.


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