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Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo, Jerusalem - NDS

Ecce Homo: community of 5 sisters of Sion collaborating with the Community of Chemin Neuf to manage the Pilgrim House.


1.    Ecce Homoconvent is built over a sacred site held by Christian tradition to be the place where Jesus was scourged and condemned to death…. known as the Lithostrotos mentioned in John’s Gospel Chapter 19:13 The excavations show paving stones from the time of Hadrian with the games of the soldiers carved into the stones. Some of these ancient stones were moved here from the Antonio Fortress.  This sacred site is visited by thousands of pilgrims annually. 


2.    We live on the Via Dolorosa: this enables us to interact with our neighbours – Jews, Muslim and Christian as well as to be immersed in the buzz of the many pilgrims from around the world, who walk the ‘Way of the Cross’ or who pass on their w

ay to the Mosque or to pray at the Western Wall – a sacred place for Jews.


Welcome and hospitality is a major value for middle-eastern cultures, and this is also a vital aspect of our ministry here in this house.  We welcome pilgrim guests from every nation and share with many of them, the complex situation of this land, the pain and struggle of both peoples, Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the on-going life of searching between the three faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Notre Dame de Sion
Communauté du Chemin Neuf
Via Dolorosa 41
P.O.Box 19056
Telephone: 972 (0)2 627 72 92
Fax: 972 (0)2 628 22 24


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