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"For the good of the Congregation”

06/07/2010: General House - Rome



Morning prayer:




Constitution Number 12


The world so loved by God and into this world God sends us.



The Song with the words

from 1 The.5:24


The one who is calling you is faithful, and he will do it.






Reflections from two of the Chapter delegates


Today we began the work on the reports of the Provinces.  Together we looked at where life continues to grow, but also some concerns.  It was truly an experience of belonging.  I was touched by the quality of listening and of the interest.  This sharing of our diversity gives me great joy and gives new life to my hope for the future.

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"I wish that you would have a heart as large as the world".
This is what comes to my mind and heart after hearing the reports of the provinces and the GLT.
                                                      Anne Catherine
                                              If you want to know Ania better, click here.



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