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Fundación Wallenberg. Notre-Dame de Sion es declarada “Casa de Vida”

09/06/2015: General House - Rome

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation bestows the title of “House of Life” to the Notre-Dame de Sion Institution. It is a tribute to the people of the school who exercised the values of solidarity and civic courage by offering refuge to individuals persecuted by the Nazis. The ceremony took place in Paris, on 12 May 2015.

A commemorative plaque was unveiled with a text engraved in French that reads: “This institution has offered refuge to innocent people who were persecuted by the Nazis. According to the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is honored to bestow the title of “House of Life” to the Notre-Dame de Sion Institution, in tribute to the people of this school who, through their courage, have proved an exemplary behavior of civil solidarity and fraternity. Eduardo Eurnekian, Chairman – Baruch Tenembaum, Founder.”

“Houses of Life” is an educational program lead by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation aiming to identify, pay tribute and spread the actions of solidarity of institutions or individuals that extended a hand to the persecuted by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

The program is taking place throughout Europe with the cooperation of Aleteia, the Catholic news agency and its Editorial Director, Jesús Colina and Institutional Relations Manager, Silvia Costantini,




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