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  • Reconciliation takes place unconsciously in so far as we come closer together, and know and respect each other.

    The fire must burn in order to kindle other fires.
  • I believe in the Resurrection, in divine mercy, in Mary's tenderness and in eternal life.

    God looks after every single soul as if it were the only one in the world.
  • The only thing necessary is the honest intention of pleasing God. The variety of occupations and thoughts should not compromise this one thing necessary...
  • Everything I see on earth, everything I hear, everything I study in every prayer book, vibration of the air, everything which affects my senses, my heart, lead me to Jesus Christ.
  • We may compare the Word of God to the Sacrament of the Eucharist, because it invites us to a feast and puts in contact with Him who is the very Word; it makes us communicate with His life.
  • All our prayer should begin with a "thank you.

    Meditation nourishes devotedness and devotedness nourishes prayer.
General House - Rome
International Catholic-Jewish Liason Committee (ICJLC) Meeting: “The other in the Jewish and Catholic traditions: The refugees in today’s world.” Warsaw, April 4-7, 2016

Warsaw, April 4-7, 2016

It is the first time that the International Catholic-Jewish Liason Committee (ICJLC) takes place in Warsaw. The subject... (Read more)

General House - Rome
Le jubile des Soeurs de Sion en Roumanie

Comme vous le savez maintenant, nous sommes en train de vivre une Année jubilaire, que nous avons ouverte au mois de mars.

Le 14... (Read more)



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