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  • Reconciliation takes place unconsciously in so far as we come closer together, and know and respect each other.

    The fire must burn in order to kindle other fires.
  • I believe in the Resurrection, in divine mercy, in Mary's tenderness and in eternal life.

    God looks after every single soul as if it were the only one in the world.
  • The only thing necessary is the honest intention of pleasing God. The variety of occupations and thoughts should not compromise this one thing necessary...
  • Everything I see on earth, everything I hear, everything I study in every prayer book, vibration of the air, everything which affects my senses, my heart, lead me to Jesus Christ.
  • We may compare the Word of God to the Sacrament of the Eucharist, because it invites us to a feast and puts in contact with Him who is the very Word; it makes us communicate with His life.
  • All our prayer should begin with a "thank you.

    Meditation nourishes devotedness and devotedness nourishes prayer.
General House - Rome
Seminario de Estudos "Cristologia após Shoah" 17 - 25 Junho 2015

Seminario de Estudos em Ein Kerem, Israel 17 -25 de  junho 2015 "Cristologia após Shoah"

Rencontre d'Etudes en Ein Kerem, Israel... (Read more)

General House - Rome
Wallenberg Foundation. Notre-Dame de Sion is declared “Maison de Vie”

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation bestows the title of “House of Life” to the Notre-Dame de Sion Institution.... (Read more)



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